Over the last 15 years Simplemente Madera has grown from a small seedling into a mature tree with many branches. During this time we have worked hand in hand with many entrepreneurs and visionaries, combining our team’s skills in product design, architectural design, timber and metal manufacturing to solve problems and create innovative solutions.

Our resources

More than 80% of our raw materials come from our FSC certified plantations in Nicaragua. With over 1500 hectares of Plantations and 3000 hectares of third party Teak we have guaranteed certified wood for years to come.

The factory

Our factory has more than 3500sqm of manufacturing space divided in Material dimensioning and preparation, finger jointed panel area, gluing and pressing, machining, assembly, sanding and finishing.


For the last 15 years we have been combining our in-house designers with renowned collaborators and associate designers and architects from many parts of the world. We invite you to get to know them.

Our showrooms

Our current Showrooms are located in Managua, Nicaragua and Punta Pacifica, Panama. Simplemente Madera is also opening a showroom in Costa Rica in 2016 and representation offices in the USA.

Our purpose

A linkage between customers, designers, farmers and woodworkers

Promoting the use of plantation wood by pioneering innovative, beautiful and functional product design and a positive linkage between customers, designers, farmers and wood workers. We firmly believe that by developing a sustainable, profitable and integrated forestry, manufacturing and sales model that creates enough market value  and volumes (30 thousand cubic meters of wood per year) for plantation farmers, manufacturers and woodworkers, and customers & designers, we will encourage current and future investments in the forestry sector of the region.

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A brief history

15 years working hand in hand with many entrepreneurs and visionaries.

With over 15 years of experience, our group of companies has been involved in all facets of the wood supply chain operations in Nicaragua. From the training of small craftsman workshops to large scale extraction and milling operations, from low cost industrial products to high end furniture and architectural work, from retail sales to large scale projects and resorts. Historically, our raw materials have been sourced from certified primary Indigenous Communities forests, but as our own plantations reach maturity it is increasingly being sourced from our own certified plantations. Today, we offer clients our experience in woodworking and fine craftsmanship to help them design and create beautiful spaces and products that enhance their interaction with their environment combining both simplicity and sophistication. Simplemente Madera Group’s holdings include three FSC-certified plantations located in climatically-diverse areas of Nicaragua,

We have several tree nurseries and one of the most extensive wood-processing and manufacturing facilities in Central America, producing solid wood products as furniture, prefab structures and turn key solutions for hospitality, commercial and residential projects. Today, Simplemente Madera is a 15 year old business and a well established regional brand with world class customers as Hart Howerton, Ache Uve, L.A. Comune Design, Morphosis Architects, 21C hotels, The Independent Collection Hotels, Four Seasons, Mukul Resort, Real Intercontinental Hotels, Morgan’s Rock Ecolodge, Jicaro Island Resort, including projects executed in New York, Cincinnati, Croatia, United Kingdom, Norway, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Florida, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and the Brithish Virgin Islands, among others.

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What we do

Our products and programs

One tree

Limited collection

Our One Tree Limited Edition is our most unique furniture and accent pieces collection made from spectacular one-of-a-kind slabs.

Furniture Catalog

Pre-designed collection

Our pre-design catalog includes a selected range of furniture pieces for residential and high-end hospitality uses. Customization is available.

Custom design

Custom furniture and accent pieces

Custom furniture design and manufacturing has been at the core of Simplemente Madera’s experience from our early beginnings. Ever since, we have continued offering our custom services to larger hospitality or residential projects, as well as to our very demanding and increasingly sophisticated clientele.

Architectural Services

For trunkey pre-fabricated projects

Simplemente Madera has significant experience designing and building boutique hotels on spectacular properties in remote areas. Projects in this category usually have limited or difficult access to materials and experienced labor, making full turnkey prefabrication a beautiful and practical solution.

Outdoor living

Prefabricated structures

Outdoor spaces are a great way to connect with nature and share unforgettable moments with our loved ones, we have designed a whole range of fun and functional outdoor living structures and spaces to enjoy.

Third Party

Product development and manufacturing

Simplemente Madera also offers product design and development for third parties. Customers in this categories are typically well-established retail companies with recurrent yearly or monthly product requirements.

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Our signature projects

We would love to participate in making your vision a reality, whether it´s a line of furniture, a bespoke piece from a spectacular piece of wood or a hotel or home you are dreaming about building. Here is a small list of our more relevant projects, please feel free to contact us at any moment.

  • 21C Hotels

Industries we serve

Hospitality, residential, offices and third party manufacturing


Over the last 15 years Simplemente Madera has worked with over a 100 different projects in the hospitality industry. Projects range from five star, largescale resort projects and high-end boutique hotels to small and charming coffee shops and restaurants.

Corporate Offices

Over the years, customers have come to us to design custom furniture and millwork for high-end office spaces. Our elegant and unique craftsmanship will give your office space an incredible differentiated atmosphere to impress your clients and visitors.


Custom furniture has been at the core of Simplemente Madera’s mission from our early beginnings. We continue to offer our custom services to our very select and sophisticated clientele, but have also created a set of beautiful home collections for a wider audience.

Third party manufacturing

Simplemente Madera also offers product design and development for third parties. Customers in this categories are typically well-established retail companies with recurrent yearly or monthly product requirements.



Our furniture catalog

Hospitality, residential, offices and third party manufacturing

Our pre-design Furniture Collection includes a selected range of furniture pieces for residential and high-end hospitality uses. Customization is available with a range of options for dinning table tops and bases and coffee tables & bases. We also offer a beautiful selection of finishing options and leather alternatives.

2016 Furniture Catalog

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  • Cacho Dining Chair
  • Teak Barstool
  • Velero Curved

Success stories

Jicaro Island

Once a vision, today one of the top ecolodges of the world.

Karen Emanuel has been running a successful company in London for the past 25 years. Whilst on holiday in Nicaragua in January of 2007, she walked into a restaurant and saw a notice proclaiming “Island for Sale”. This rather interested her, partly as a fantasy, partly as she had recognized that Nicaragua was a developing Central American country with a lot to offer. A short boat ride later with the owners, followed by a relaxing week at Morgan’s Rock an astounding eco lodge on the Nicaraguan pacific coast, an idea had started developing in her head.

With the help of architect Matthew Falkiner and the hole team from Simplemente Madera the dream has become a reality. Jicaro Island Ecolodge – a secluded island getaway. Today one of the top 25 ecolodges of the world according to National Geographic.